Twitter Now Sending Emails for Retweeted or Favorited Tweets

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Netflix Now the Largest Source of Downstream Traffic

According to a recent Sandvine report Netflix video streaming has become the largest source of downstream traffic, accounting for 29.7 percent of all peak downstream traffic, an increase of 8.7 percent from last fall.

Video streaming accounted for 49 percent of downstream traffic in March, compared with 19 percent for file sharing, and 17 percent for Web browsing. Just last fall web video accounted for 37 percent of downstream traffic.

There is an obvious trend where video accounts for an increasingly higher amount of traffic on the internet. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings expects a gigabit to the home to be common in ten years.

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Thought for the Day…

Wise Words

Great advise to all those who tweet away.

Courtesy of Boing Boing Google before you Tweet (via Super Punch)

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Groupon’s Super Mistake

Beyond football, the Super Bowl is often noted for its funny commercial spots. This year had a few winners such as the lil Darth Vader and the Career Builder chimps, but none as memorable as the cringe worthy Groupon commercials. They managed to miss the mark with their questionable humor, and lack of tact. What did you think of the commericals?  Groupon Commercial

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Almost 4,700 Atendees at Affiliate Summit West 2011!

It’s been a week since ASW ’11 and the folks over here at We Love Affiliates are still recovering. Parties all night, meetings all day. Working through the weekend and drinking copious amounts of Grey Goose. Ouch. It was everything the largest ever ASW ’11 should have been.

Let’s hope that ASW 2012 attendance tops 5,000, and that we all make it out of Las Vegas alive.

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Group Buying and Successful Social Media for Business

Every company is feeling the pressure to be active in social media. However, sometimes it can be hard to see exactly how all this twittering and facebooking translates to more business.

Robert Ball of the The Huffington Post says to start with group buying. “If properly structured and executed, group buying can produce such a campaign and represents a huge social media breakthrough for lead generation and customer acquisition. It’s not just an online coupon, but can be one of the key elements to a social media strategy that drives customer acquisition, revenues, has measurable costs, and most importantly, very measurable outcome.”

Groupon currently has over 30 million subscribers on their opt-in list. If done properly, group buying can easily become the most powerful marketing technique ever invented.

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StackThatMoney Launching Private Forums

Do you find affiliate marketing forums to be an even bigger waste of time than popping bubble wrap? Well, has vowed to change the face of affiliate marketing forums by taking an educational approach and posting only helpful content, techniques, and tips to help affiliate marketers increase profits. All questions will be answered personally by StackThatMoney, and there are only 50 available slots. Hurry up and sign up today! Price has not yet been determined.

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Affiliate Summit West 2011!

This year’s ASW, which will be held at the Wynn in Las Vegas, is expected to be the largest affiliate conference ever! Check out this graph of annual registration details. Hope to see you all there!

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A Little Thursday Fun!

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Useful Facebook Pages for Marketing Professionals

Staying on top of trends can be challenging during busy times. Here’s a list of Facebook pages that will make your quest to stay current a little easier.

1. Marketing Pilgrim

2. Search Engine Journal

3. ReveNews

4. Trend Hunter

5. Search Engine Roundtable

6. Brand Flakes for Breakfast

7. Duct Tape Marketing

8. Media Whiz

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